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Industrial Engineering and Management at Technion by David Shankbone
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How to get to the Technion:

Flights to Israel usually land at Ben Gurion Airport (TLV):
Ben Gurion Airport
To get to Haifa you may take a train, a bus or a taxi.
A ride from TLV to Haifa should last about an hour to an hour and a half.


Israel Railways operates a service to and from TLV with the following passenger lines:
TLV to Haifa: TLV – Tel Aviv – Haifa – Akko – Nahariya
Haifa to TLV: Nahariya – Akko – Haifa – Tel Aviv – TLV
Hours of Operation: Sun-Fri 24 hours. Saturday- Special hours
(Please consult Israel Railways Website)


The bus is not very frequent and takes longer than a train.
Details about Egged (the bus company) lines can be found in English at:  Egged Busses
From station: “Ben Gurion Airport”
To station: “Haifa – Merkazit Hof Hakarmel” (first station in Haifa).
Once in Haifa, it is recommended to take a taxi to your lodging from the train/bus station, for convenience.


The Taxi companies at Ben Gurion Airport operate under supervision of the Israel Airports Authority.
The Taxi Stations and dispatcher’s counter at Terminal 3 are located on Level G of the Multi-Level Road.
It is recommended not to use random Taxi services.

Transportation in Haifa

From the Carmel center, the following public bus lines are available: 11, 31
or from other places in Haifa lines 77, 76, 1, 142, 17, 19, א19 ,31, and others.
The fare is about 7NIS.
For more information about public bus lines in Haifa call *2800 or see Egged's Website.
Private taxi can be hired from the hotel or from anywhere in the street.
Carmel Center taxi station phone number is: 04-8382626 (omit the 04 if calling from within Haifa).


To enter Technion campus, please print the workshop program and show it at the gate. Make sure that the name of the conference is included in the printout

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