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Professor Miriam Erez

The Mendes France Chair of Management & Economics
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The William Davidson Faculty of Industrial Engineering &
Management, Technion, Haifa, Israel, 32000
Bloomfield building 411A
Phone 972-4-829-4461
Fax      972-4-829-5688

E-mail:  merez@ie.technion.ac.il

My research interests have evolved over the years to include three major topics:
Work Motivation, Cross-Cultural Organizational Behavior, and Innovation.
In the field of work motivation my research has focused mainly on the goal-setting theory of motivation - feedback, goal commitment, participation in goal-setting, and goal orientation.
In the field of cross-cultural research I focused mainly on culture as a moderator of the effects of motivational approaches on performance.
Recently, I take a multi-level approach, studying the global work environment - multinational companies, and international mergers and acquisitions, and their effects on value change, and on the emergence of a dual global and local identity.
I also run an International Virtual Team Project
Innovation, the most powerful individual and organizational resource for competing in the global market, has become my third field of research.
In particular, my research focuses on team innovation, the interplay among the cultural values of innovation, quality and efficiency, and their effects on individual and team performance, and the interaction of individual differences and organizational culture on innovative performance.