Here are some full  datasets of published papers. They can be used pending on the citation of the original papers.


Yechiam, E., Zahavi, G., & Arditi, E. (2015). Loss restlessness and gain calmness: Durable effects of losses and gains on choice switching. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 22, 1096-1103.



Yechiam, E., Telpaz, A., and Hochman, G. (2014). The complaint bias in subjective evaluations of incentives. Decision, 1, 147-160.

Study 1,   Study 2,   Study 3


Yechiam, E., and Telpaz, A. (2013). Losses induce consistency in risk taking even without loss aversion. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 26, 31-40.

Choice and switch rate data


Yechiam E., and Hochman, G. (2013). Loss-aversion or loss-attention: The impact of losses on cognitive performance. Cognitive Psychology, 66, 212-231.

Study 1

Study 4


Ert, E., and Yechiam, E. (2010). Consistent constructs in individuals’ risk taking decisions in decisions from experience. Acta Psychologica, 134, 225-232.

Individual level data for all three studies

Trial level data for all three studies


Barron, G., and Yechiam, E. (2009). The coexistence of overestimation and underweighting of rare events and the contingent recency effect. Judgment and Decision Making, 4, 447-460.


Study 2


Yechiam, E., Druyan, M., and Ert, E. (2008). The effect of observing others on risk taking in decisions from experience. Judgment and Decision Making, 3, 493-500.

Study 1   ,  Study 2


Yechiam, E., and Busemeyer, J.R. (2008). Evaluating generalizability and parameter consistency in learning models. Games and Economic Behavior, 63, 370-394.

Study 1Study 2Readme file


Erev, I., Ert., E., and Yechiam, E. (2008). Loss aversion, diminishing sensitivity, and the effect of experience on repeated decisions. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 21, 575-597.

Data: Study 1    (Study 1 variables are organized as follows: trial; game; order(of game); safe outcome; risky outcome; decision (0 for choosing safe, 1 for choosing risk); reward

Data: Study 2


Sagi, I., and Yechiam, E. (2008). Amusing titles in scientific journals and article citation. Journal of Information Science, 34, 680-687.



Yechiam, E., and Ert, E. (2007). Evaluating the reliance on past choices in adaptive learning models. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 51, 75-84.


Readme file


Yechiam, E., and Busemeyer, J.R. (2006). The effect of foregone payoffs on underweighting small probability events. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 19, 1-16.

Data: Partial Disclosure condition (no foregone payoff),

Full Disclosure condition (foregone payoffs)

Readme file


Yechiam. E., and Busemeyer, J.R. (2005). Comparison of basic assumptions embedded in learning models for experience based decision-making. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 12, 387-402.


Readme file


Yechiam, E., Barron, G., and Erev. I. (2005). The role of personal experience in contributing to different patterns of response to rare terrorist attacks. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 49, 430-439.

Data: Experience condition


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